Monday, April 14, 2008

Snakes and Such

Well this weekend has come and gone already and not much to report except for a funny story about my brother (sorry Greg I have to share). Alright those of you who know my brother know that he is deathly scared of snakes!! I am serious, if he even comes close to one will run faster then lightening. When he was building his house they had poured the basement and where framing walls upstairs but Greg was working downstairs and I got a call from him freaking out because there were a few snakes in his basement. He wanted Jon to come over and get them out but he was not home so the guys building his house went down and get them out, so we teased him about that for a long time.

So on Saturday night he went to bed around 9pm and Kelsi was sitting on the couch watching a movie and around 10:30pm she heard Greg screaming and hitting something. She went in to check on him and he was losing it hitting his hand as hard as he could on the bed post thinking there was a snake on it and he was killing it. Then he ran in the bathroom and got up on the sink and was yelling so Kelsi was scard to death wondering what in the world was going on. She thought there was a snake and she wanted to call Jon to come and get it. Turns out Greg was sleep walking we think.....he claims it was real but we have all seen him sleep walk before. So Sunday morning his hand was black and blue and his fingernail was bleeding.

When Jon was telling me this story yesterday he was laughing so hard he was crying. Oh Greg we love you!


Dawn said...

It is kinda funny. But I am the same way when it comes to snakes. I wouldn't have probably reacted to a dream that way, but I wouldn't have been sleeping the rest of the nite that is for sure. Poor guy hope his hand feels better.

Anonymous said...

Poor Greg - did his big sister tease him with snakes when he was little kid?

It's funny that he would call Jon to save him from snakes! Jon used to have to save Jennifer from spiders when she was a younger!


Jennifer said...

That is FUNNY! Except for the injuries...

Yeah, Jon is good at bug killing. I'm sure he'd also be good with snakes!

Amber said...

I'm a little confused. You said,
"she thought there was a snake and she wanted to call Jon to come and get it."

That makes it sounds like Greg's gotten snakes in his house before (other than when he was building it.)
So does he get snakes in his house alot?
Because if so...that FREAKS me out!

Amber said...

Amber Kay: She believed that Greg saw a snake before she knew he was sleep walking then she realized he was dreaming so no he has never had snakes in his house before.

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