Monday, June 30, 2008

Trevor and Mommy

Well this last weekend it was all about Trevor and I. Jon was fishing in Waubay with his buddies so we made a weekend for the 2 of us. We mowed the lawn (Trevor was a great helper), played in the sandbox, went to watch the motorcycles downtown Brookings for the ride through (he loved this!!!) the louder they were the more that kid smiled and we also went out for supper. We had a great time together and to prove it when I put him to bed last night he said "mom your lots of fun, I love you" it almost made me cry.

So now to a very funny story about Jon's trip. Most of you know that when he goes anywhere with the Rost boys and it comes to sleeping there is always a funny story, well it happened again. Jeremy and Corey fell asleep in one bed and Jon in his own bed BUT when they woke up Jon and Jeremy where in one bed and Corey was in his own bed. So sometime in the middle of the night Jon and Corey switched spots and the funnest thing is that they all had no idea how it happened......tell me that? How do you not know when you get up at night and switch beds and why for that matter?

I am sorry Amber 2 I did not say anything because I thought you would post something on your blog......BUT the Rost girls invited us to the pool yesterday and we had a great time!! Trevor was shy right away but then they played good. Unfortunatly for about 15 minutes we got dumped on with rain but other then that it was a lot of fun and we thank them for inviting us!!! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Those guys are really weird when they are together! I think they have stories to keep them laughing for the rest of their days!

Amber said...

What are we CHOPPED LIVER?!?!
What about swimming with the Rost Girls?!?!

Amber said...

Sorry I thought you would post something so I did not want to over-step you.....of course I did not forget because we had a great time!!! Thanks for inviting us!

Jennifer said...

Wow - those guys are crazy!!

Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

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