Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My new TOY

For some time now I have wanted a new digital camera but could not stomach just dropping $550 on a new one so I started saving my money. For my birthday I asked for cash and with selling a few things here and there I saved up the money. So last night I wanted to head to Sioux Falls to spend my money on that one camera I have wanted forever. I found it and not to mention on a clearance rack.....yep it was great deal!!!! It was on sale because the new models just came out and they wanted to get rid of the old ones. Now I am so excited to start snapping pictures but I need to learn how to run it first, the manuel is like 200 pages long! Watch out the 4th of July is around the corner and I will have this thing glued to my hand (watch out Marilyn).

For those of you wondering what I got well here you go:
Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT Silver - 8.0MP Digital SLR Camera


Jennifer said...

What, no pictures yet???

Amber said...

I know we did not get home until 10pm last night so by the time we got Trevor to bed it was late.....I promise tomorrow!!

Amber said...

How exciting!! My friend Kerrie has one and the picts ROCK!! I"m excited to see your new picts!

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