Friday, July 25, 2008

A Small Flood

Since we have moved into our new house I just have not been happy with the upstairs family room at how the furniture lays out, not sure why it just always kept bugging me. So Tuesday night before I left for Sioux City Jon and I moved furniture all around from bringing furniture from the basement upstairs to taking what was upstairs to the basement. All that is besides the point and I will post a picture of our new and entertaining living room and we both LOVE! Back to my point about this post, while Jon and I were figuring things out and deciding what we wanted to do Trevor was playing outside in his sandbox but then came up by the house and was playing trucks on the patio. Him and Mydland where just sitting there watching us so we did not play that close of attention.

We had been moving stuff and thought we better check on the boys and man am I glad that we did. Trevor found the hose, turned it on and was washing off his trucks and in no time had filled up the basement window well with water.....full to the top. So what happens when you fill a window well up with water??? The water starts to come through the basement window......yep that is just what it did. We had water all over! Trevor had no clue that he was doing wrong and he said "mom the big hole needed water in it"!


Anonymous said...

Haha that is so funny! I would of loved to see your face Amber. So I suppose I have to come over and see the new living room.


Amber said...

Oh no!!'s super funny!

Jennifer said...

It's really hard not to laugh about that... :)

Amber said...

Kelsi you should come over, you will like it! Besides Trevor wants to go to Greg's house tonight any way, I called Greg and told him to come and get him. He called you guys last night but you did not answer.

To everyone else's comments....yes I was laughing, I did nothing more then shake my head!

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