Monday, July 14, 2008

4 Day Vacation

Most of you I am sure have been looking at my blog daily and wondering where the heck I have been. Well work was somewhat busy last week since I was taking Thursday and Friday off I had to get stuff done before I could leave so that ment no time for bloging BUT I am back and ready to post!

I took Thursday and Friday off so Jon and I could head to the Cities and go to ValleyFair with the cousins....we had a great time!! Other then Jon screaming like a guy on every ride and me becoming deaf in my left ear all the rides where awesome. I was very proud of myself going on almost of the scary ones (including wild thing that I will never go on again)! The restaurant that we ate at on Thursday night was very good but the one bad thing was they had oyster shooters and you know what that means when you are a Healy.....unless you are 12 or under or pregnant you will take one, no excuses. When Mike asked I said "no" but he insisted I take one and then said "oh come on they are in a small glass and you will hardly taste it". Then the moment of trust came and I almost at the size of that glass!!! It was darn near a drink, there was no way I was drinking that, besides the oyster was about 4 lbs....YUCK!
Friday we had to hurry home since it was Arts in the Park we had company staying at our house. My aunt and uncle always have a booth so they stayed from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. Then we were lucky enough to have Jennifer and her friend Melissa also stay with us we had a great time except for Jon getting food poisioning Saturday night (he had seafood pasta) and now that it is Monday night he is still on the couch not very far from the bathroom.

So as you can see one crazy week...I am glad it is over because I am one tired person!

I wanted to add one more picture (Chris I thought you might like this one) Saturday night after dinner the girls wanted to drive around and look at SDSU so Jon bought both of them and himself a 40oz bottle of beer, they are so proud!


Jennifer said...

I can't believe you posted that picture! Melissa's and mine were still nearly full at the end of the night, btw.

"screamed like a guy" - I love it! Not sure if you intended it, but I like that phrase much better than the usual one with "girl" in it. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for Jon! Didn't he have the same thing once before? What a crazy weekend for all of you...

Amber said...

Well Jon still is not better and according to the internet it should of been out of his system within 24 hours. I scheduled him a doctor's appointment for today so we will see what they say.

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!