Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A New Living Room

As I had told you in a previous post I decided to change things up a bit in our living room. When we first moved in it only made sence to put all the big furniture downstairs since it was a bigger living room BUT whenever we had people over there was never enough room to sit upsairs, someone always had to sit on the floor. Honestly I really did not like the set-up anyway. SO last week before I left for Sioux City we decided to bring the leather sectional couch upstairs and the most comfortable chair in the world upstairs and then the couch and rocker we had upstairs to downstairs. Jon was not sure thinking the furniture would be too big and I was iffy myself and man was it hard work to switch everything BUT in the end we LOVE IT!! The couch we had upstairs was too wide so it took up a lot more room then you would think. Now with our sectional couch we have tons of room for everyone. What do you think?


Jennifer said...

I think it looks great! How about some pictures of the basement arrangement, too?

Amber said...

You asked for it, when I got home that is what I will do!!

Dawn said...

It looks good. I have always wanted a sectional. Anyways I agree with Jen we want to see what your basement looks like too.

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