Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Fun!!

I do not even know where to start! We had a great and very long weekend. Let me start at the beginning.

Thursday: After work we headed to Hendricks and we headed out to a guy's house who lives over by Toronto and he was having a party with kid blow up games and all. They had a fireworks show that cost $10,000, a band that was $5,000 and food for $3,000 so it was not just a little party. We were there almost 6 hours and had a great time.

Friday: We woke up and headed to the park to watch the homemade boat races at the beach. Those are the pictures when Trevor was playing in the water with his clothes on (red shirt) we sat on the beach and watched the race while he played and got completely soaked with water. Then we headed to Cindy and Dan's cabin and had a picnic and then got ready for the boat parade. We were one of probably 40 boats and this lasted about an hour. Trevor then caught a quick nap before we headed back down to the park for the Whopper Feed and then on to the Street Dance.

Saturday: After eating a great breakfast at the cafe we headed to the lake where we spent most of the day by the water and riding in Curt's convertible to the parks. Saturday night Diane watched Trevor and we traveled to a place called the Lodge for drinks and that was also a great time.

Sunday: After Trevor and Jon were done fishing bright and early we ate breakfast and played in the water for a little bit Trevor hit the worst part of the day (very very crabby) this was our que to pack up and get on the road. Not more then driving for 5 minutes he was out!! We got home in time to unpack, relax and watch a movie.....what a weekend!


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What a great bunch of pictures!

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