Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Entertainment

One of my great friend's is getting married in two weeks and since she left SDSU I have only been able to see her twice, one of those times was for our 6 year class reunion. As soon as she was done with college she moved to California and has been delivering babies every since. Well the good news is that she has moved back into this area (Minneapolis to be exact) and she is home now in Ivanhoe until after her wedding. So last night I invited her and her husband to be along with a few other people over to have supper. Becca was unable to make it since she is now a Volleyball coach for Lincoln HI and Kathy also did not make it because she is 8 months pregnant and is now on bedrest until her August 18th due date. So to make the night it was Dianne, Jeff, Steph, Anne and myself but we must not forget Trevor.

We had a great time!!!! It was so good to see Dianna again and to hear about her experiences in California. For supper I made us homemade Lasagna, garlic cheesebread, fresh fruit with a yogurt dip and a vodka slush. Thanks again for coming over girls and Jeff.

Here is the bride to be and her soon to be husband

Here is the rest of the gang with the T-Man


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