Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Big Boy

Well it is official Jon and I now have a big boy and not a baby. When Trevor was little he had a hard time with different kinds of formula and we finally found that soy formula was the thing for him. As time went on and as we were coming to an end with formula we tried a few times switching to whole milk but it did not go so well. It would cause really bad tummy aches and he would just get really crabby so the doctor told us to keep him on soy formula until he was 2. Well that is coming right up this June so lately we have been trying to switch him over little by little hoping that things would work out this time. As you can see from the pictures things went well!! He loves milk only if he can drink it from a big boy glass. So last night during supper he wanted milk so I gave him some in a glass and he would drink from it for like 3 minutes at a time and milk would run down his tummy but this was grand fun. It got to be a little too fun because he found out that you can see through the bottom of the glass once it is close to empty and holy smokes was that funny. So now Jon and I now call him our big boy because he can drink milk from a big boy glass!


Anonymous said...

He is growing up way too fast! I'm glad tho' that he likes milk and is able to digest it now.
Grammy D

Anonymous said...

Yay for Trevor! If regular milk doesn't agree with him, he can always try the lactose-free milk. Chris had to stop drinking milk - although he loves it - until we found Lactaid milk!

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