Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Park

Well last night the weather was AWESOME so Jon and I decided to take Trevor to the park. He had a great time!! When we got out of the car he ran as fast as he could to the slide and being the brave sole that he is he went right up and came right back down about 50 times!! Then it was time to go to the big boy slide which had lots of turns and twists and he thought that was so much more fun. At this point Jon and I were tired of taking turns and going up the slide steps with him so we headed for the swings and he was laughing so hard that he had spit flying out of his mouth (see picture). So by now we are very tired but Trevor is still going strong so we just let him run and climb on top of the animals and play in the sand. By the time we got home I am not sure who was more tired Trevor or mommy and daddy. Jon and I voted and auntie Jenny and grandma can take him to that park Friday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

YES!!! Although I saw that it is supposed to be kind of cool and rainy on Friday...

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