Thursday, March 6, 2008


Our baby has been accepted into pre-school!! I have been working at this for over 2 years now because it is not an easy task to get them in. In a town of about 20,000 people and only 19 seats to fill it is a rat race for parents to enroll their kids into pre-school. I wanted to get him into the Tuesday, Thursday morning class from 8:30-11:15am so he can still get a nap in the afternoon. So after all my calling and going to meet with the director my work has paid off. We got a letter this week confirming that we are IN and school starts September 2! Trevor is very excited, his exact words where "come on mom let's go".

PS....last night Jon got $15 out of the money booth, not bad!


Jennifer said...

How exciting! He's growing up so fast. :)

Anonymous said...

How they grow up so fast !

on the p.s part -- Jon needs to practice folding towels more ,, then next year!!!!!!! WATCH OUT

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