Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well for all of you who do not know, today is Jon's birthday!!! Yep the big 31! We do not have anything too special planned but we are going out to eat at a new restaurant in Brookings (Bravo's) and then we will head to Flandreau to hit the money booth (Marilyn we will be there around 7:30pm but will call you on the way and I WILL have my camera). So to celebrate his birthday I wanted to share some pictures of him.

PS....He wanted to thank grandma Mydland for the card and money, that was very sweet of you!!

This is our very FIRST picture taken together, I was a senior in high school and we had just started dating. Wow we really look young!

Since Jon was too old for me to take to Prom my senior year he took me to SF for a special evening where we had dinner (where the ceiling fell in on us WHILE we were eating) and did tons of other fun things.

This picture was taken when he was stationed in Colorado before heading to Iraq, I flew down there a couple of times to be with him before he headed overseas.

Here he is in Iraq spending some time fishing and making naughty signs.

Since the army gave him time to come home and get married we went on a quick honeymoon before he headed back overseas. So he had a great time soaking up the sun in the Bahamas.
During our honeymoon he got picked out of the crowd to do the limbo. NOTE the red face, way too much sun.

Here he is spending time in his favorite chair with our favorite puppy dog.

Time for a quick smile at his sister Jennifer's wedding.

Trevor & Daddy checking out the pool at our resort in Florida. Trevor was a little over 1 at the time.

During the same trip to Florida we made a stop at Daytona Beach!

Jon and his sister Jennifer shaking a leg at her wedding.

Happy Birthday Jon you are a great father, dad and husband!!


dhealy said...

This brought tears to my eyes this morning! You two are so special...

Jennifer said...

AW...that's a really sweet tribute, Amber. It's fun to look at all those pictures!

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