Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A New Table

Since we have moved into our new house our round table has just not been cutting it. The kitchen is not very big and a round table makes it even smaller and another downside is that we only used 3 chairs so we could have more room in the kitchen. So when we had people over we could not sit at the table. So after doing some shopping around I found this very cute corner nook, table and bench. It fits in that room just perfect and we LOVE it, there is so much more space and we can also have more then 3 people sit at it at once. So I now have a table and 4 chairs for sale along with 2 matching bar stools (it is in very nice condition). This is just one more thing to add to my rummage sale this summer if I do not sell it before then.




Amber said...

Super cute!
It fits in your kitchen perfectly!

Jennifer said...

Looks great!! It does like to jump out and get in the way, as my still-sore knee will attest. :)

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