Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your Thoughts

Today I want to hear your thoughts, this story has been all over the news the past week or so and I just can not believe it. This little girl (10 years old) is dying and her dying wish is to see her father one last time but he is in prision and the horrible thing is, they will not let him out just to visit her. Here is the story from Kelo-land:

An inmate at the Yankton federal prison is appealing to elected officials and even the White House to get an early release so he can visit his dying daughter. The story of cancer patient Jayci Yaeger has struck such a chord with people, Governor Mike Rounds' office has received more than 200 emails. But since Jayci's dad is a federal prison inmate, there's little the governor can do. The Yaegers' feelings of desperation are not uncommon for families who have loved ones behind bars. A child's battle with brain cancer would be an overwhelming struggle for any family. But the challenges can seem next to impossible when one of the parents is in prison. Jennifer Anderson, executive director of Family Connection said, "There's probably a lot of guilt involved as well as a lot of frustration. There's probably a lot of things that person who's in prison would want to do for their child and provide for their child that they're not able to do so freely." Jennifer Anderson is the executive director of Family Connection, a non-profit agency that works with prison families in Sioux Falls. While she doesn't know the Yaeger family, she's seen the anguish of others who try to adjust to life with a loved on behind bars. 10-year-old Jayci Yaeger is facing the fight of her life not only medically, but emotionally, as she tries to cope with the uncertainly of whether she'll ever see her dad again. "The child's probably very confused anyway and who doesn't want a parent to make you feel better, even if you just have a cough or a sore throat." Anderson says the Yaegers should take advantage of every opportunity to communicate whether through phone calls or letters. And while prison bars can shake the bonds that hold a family together, Anderson says above all, the Yaegers must never lose hope. "Just to be able to take in and enjoy every day that you have right now and to be patient and to be optimistic, because you never know what's going to happen." Anderson says the Yaegers' situation is further complicated by a state line separating father and daughter: Jayci is being treated in Nebraska while Jason is imprisoned in South Dakota

I can not believe this!! All she wants is a visit, she is not asking for her dad to get out of jail for good. This story was also on the radio yesterday and they had people call in to tell their thoughts. One of the men who called in said "he was in prision and did his time so his bail was set for 2 weeks well they got a call telling him his mom would not live for more then 2 more days but the system would not let him out. They made him wait for 2 weeks so in the mean time his mom died and they had the funeral and everything and he was not able to attend." To me this is insane, how can this be?


Jennifer said...

Well...I have mixed feelings. The whole point of punishment for committing a crime is missing out on life on the outside. Hence, the saying "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

However, I don't think a child should have to suffer for her father's bad choices. Or suffer any more than she has. There has to be a way to accommodate a visit.

Anonymous said...

I think that they regularly take prisoners out for work projects - I think that they should be able to take this man to see his daughter. However, what they should be able to do and what they actually do are two different things!

Amber said...

This has even been on CNN!
Maybe I'm cold, but I think he should stay in prision and not see his daughter. Like Jen, said...
"The whole point of punishment for committing a crime is missing out on life on the outside."

Maybe this will make him make better choices in the future.

Amber said...

Come on you too, his daughter just wants to say good-bye to her father. I agree with you he should do the time but what would even a half an hour be just for her sake. Her situation is scary enough knowing she is going to die at age 10.

Jennifer said...

You must not have read my whole comment! I do think they should let him visit, though not for the 30 days he wants.

A dying child deserves to see her father, if that's what she wants, but frankly I don't give a hoot about him. If he cared about his child he wouldn't be an irresponsible drug addict criminal!

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