Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well happy Monday to everyone.....YUCK I hate Monday's escpcially when we just came from a nice 2 day weekend. Yep that is right I did not have to work this past weekend and it was nice to just relax.
Saturday we went to Watertown to Tons-o-Fun for Cloe and Kailey's birthday and we had a great time. Suprising enough I did not get that many pictures taken only a few of Trevor playing in all the balls. (Marilyn I know you are disappointed, you should never of made fun of me) Then we headed back to Brookings and we went to the SDSU double header game. The girls played first and won by 50 or so points but we did not stay for the boys game, Trevor got a little restless.
And Sunday was spent laying around and catching up on laundry. Pretty boring!


Jennifer said...

Well, darn. We could've spent the weekend skiing and tubing!

Anonymous said...

Amber - u crazy girl - where the heck did u hide that camera????It was great fun - Thanks for the ride! love u Marilyn ,,,,,,,,,,,,, see u on wed. call me !

Jon - u practice folding money

dhealy said...

That Trevor and his tongue!!

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