Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Potty Training

Sometimes I wonder if pottying training a boy is harder then a girl?? Trevor will be 3 in June and I feel he needs to be potty trained by then. The funny thing is all day long at daycare he is dry, he is dry through his nap and when he gets up he goes to the bathroom right away. He does not go through hardly any diapers at daycare BUT when he comes home it is another story. He will NOT tell us when he has to go and when we ask him he says "nope I do not have to" so last night we tried something different. I bought him some underwear and told him he had to wear them and when he had to go to the bathroom he needed to scream it from the top of his lungs. Well it did not work!!!!! About 15 minutes after this pictures was taken he went in his pants. Why will he go at daycare and not at home??


Jennifer said...

I sure can't help you with that one! Sorry it's not going smoothly, but you know you have a stubborn kid so I'm not surprised. :)

Anonymous said...

He told me that he had some big boy pants - he looks so cute in them. I think that he will be potty trained when he decides it's time...

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