Monday, April 28, 2008

Where to begin

I am not even sure where to begin I have had such a wild and crazy 4 days. Thursday I was in Sioux Falls testing my luck finding bargains at rummage sales. The weather was the worst I can ever remember it being but Marty and I just stayed under an umbrella and kept going (12 hours to be exact). I found lots of clothes for Trevor and a top of the line Thomas the Train track (according to Trevor it is awesome) the track sits on a table and you can arrange the track however you want it and under the table is all storage, it is a great step-up and Trevor loves it so that is all that counts.

Then Friday I headed to Fargo for Dawn Leibfried's wedding and we are soooo lucky we left when we did. The roads so horrible and once we got there we found out that the interstate closed, so we were very lucky.

The wedding was at 4pm and the reception and dance followed, it was a great time!! It was fun to see some of my classmates again and of course catch up.

Then once the interstate opened on Saturday we headed home and I picked up Trevor and we hung out the rest of the night. Throughout this whole ordeal Jon went to Big Stone Lake to go fishing in a tournament with Corey. They got just as much snow there as anyone so the tournament was suspost to be Saturday but was postponed until Sunday. They still did get catch anything but I am sure had a lot of fun. What a crazy 4 days and who would of thought that weather would of done what it did??


Jennifer said...

how did your summer dress and sandals work out in the blizzard?

Amber said...

Everything was in one building so it never even mattered.

Amber said...

I was curious what kind of deals you found?

Man, Dawn should have talked to me before her wedding! I could have hooked her up with a cute purse!

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