Monday, September 10, 2007

Wild Weekend

Well it was a wild weekend at the Healy Home!!

Friday: We traveled to Ivanhoe to have supper with Jon's mom and dad and it gave Trevor a chance to see them again and of course play WATER! Thanks for the supper!!

Saturday: Jon picked up a side project with my brother for the weekend in Hendricks so Trevor and I went to Joel & Jerett's house to play toys and have coffee, that was also a grand time. Then my mom picked Trevor up Saturday afternoon so I could cater a wedding for work.

Sunday: MY MOM HAD A BIRTHDAY!! So Trevor and I went to Sioux Falls with her and we went shopping and had some dinner. While we were in the mall Trevor wanted to ride on a money snatchers and so I gave in but what I did not realize is that by putting in a dollar it would control all 3 rides. When it was done we were getting off and another little girl wanted to ride it so he dad put in a dollar and so Trevor stayed on his since it was already paid for, needless to say this went on for about 20 minutes. I HATE those stupid things, my mom thought it was funny. Then Sunday night Dennis and Diane traveled to Brookings and took us out for supper, so overall it was a crazy weekend.


Anonymous said...

How cute is that? You must have decided against going to Flandreau?

Jennifer said...

Trevor sure looks like he's having fun, though!

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