Tuesday, March 4, 2008

14 More Tickets

Well for last Saturday night's drawing we had a total of 14 powerball tickets and when I checked the numbers Sunday morning from what I could tell we did not win anything. So Monday morning I came to work and told everyone we did not win but the jackpot went up $20 million for Wednesday's drawing. So last night Jon and I stopped at a gas station and I thought I would check the tickets just in case I was wrong and come to find out I WAS WRONG. We won $28...geee wiz! So if you do the math that is 14 tickets because we always play $2 in case we would win the powerplay. So it is destiny that we get 14 more tickets for tomorrow's drawing!! I am telling you I feel it in my bones that this is a sign that we will win something!! That would be awesome......Marilyn I know you had over 100 tickets did you win anything??? Doesn't anyone else play the lotto, you just never know!


dhealy said...

Wow, good for you! We often get together here at the office to buy Powerball tickets but it's been ages since we've won so much as $1!! We might need to try again this week...

Anonymous said...

well ----- yes we did win -- $8.00 each yippi ! u know -- we did buy again - with our $8.00 each this time -- pack your bags ,,,,,,, because the Healy's are going to Disney World---- yup all of us!!!!!Grandma too !!!!! its great to have a Grandma with -- we get on first ! lol lets see ,,,, how many of us now -- figure it up and let me know -- babies too !

love u - Marilyn ,,,,,, ps,, Amber don't forget your camera !

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