Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Only in South Dakota

Today I was talking with one of my grill cooks and you just have to know her personality to realize how funny this is but she told me a story and I want to share it.

She is one of those cowgirls that will never leave South Dakota and has raised 2 kids and they are off to college (she is about my mom's age) and she was saying how quiet it is around the house but she is very lucky to have her horse named Sunday to keep her company.

So we were talking about how nice the weather is outside and I asked her what she does when it is so nice out, this is what she said: well I go home and ride my horse and by that time I am really tired because I get up at 4am to do chores and then I am at work by 5:30am. So when it is time for her nap she gets a lawn chair and lays down and then ties the horse up to her chair so she can take a nap and the horse can graze. When the horse is done grazing in that one spot she pulls Sherri's chair and goes to another spot.......seriously how many people do you know that do this??? I was laughing so hard because can you imagine sleeping and having a horse pull you around to graze in another spot. Only in South Dakota!


Jennifer said...

OK - that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

She should video that for America's Funniest Videos....I've see winners of $10,000 with videos that were not very good!

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