Friday, August 10, 2007

The Side Project

This post I am going to brag about my husband. For the last 3 weekends Jon has been working on a side project for our daycare lady. She wanted Jon to build a built-in entertainment center at her house. Jon looked things over and said he would do it. So I took a before and after picture and I think you will also think he did a great job!! I have known Jon for several years and each day he suprises me with his hidden talents. Jon could build anything anywhere if you wanted him too, he is a very handy man. Check out the project!! Sorry the before picture is not that great.




Amber said...

Does he give lessons on how to be a "handy man"? My not-so-handy man could use some!!

Amber said...

I am sure that he would, I will ask him.

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