Monday, November 19, 2007

Trevor & Mommy Weekend

Well this past weekend Jon went hunting again! Thank goodness it is the last weekend of planned hunting we have not see him for a long time on a weekend. When I talked with him last night it sounded like they had not done too bad, they had 13 tags to fill and I think 7 of them were filled. (Amber 2 you and Corey can have most of it if you ask me) Saturday I worked at the SDSU NDSU Football game, it was the biggest game of the season 16,400 people and YES we won it was an awesome game!! So Trevor spent the day at grandma and grandpa Healy's house (thank you) and we all met for supper Saturday night.
So Sunday was a day for Trevor and mommy and we went to Sioux Falls and went shopping and met up with our old neighbor's Trish and Logan and had dinner together. We had a great time it was nice to see them again. Trevor and Logan were not sure what to think of each other right away but after a while they played good together. Jon is coming home today so we will see what creatures he brings home, last night when he called he told me to turn on the big freezer.....oh god.


Amber said...

Yuck, I hate deer meat!

Jennifer said...

Don't forget - you can donate the deer meat. I looked online and SD seems to participate in this program, too.

They give $50 vouchers for the processing, which is not the entire cost, but I would imagine you can deduct the remainder as a charitable donation. It's got to be worth the cost, especially if you don't like deer meat!

Anonymous said...

we had deer roast today !! it was great --- we will take one of the 13 if you are looking :}

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