Friday, October 26, 2007

All Done

Well it is great to say we are all done with the remodel on the ML of our new home. Jon and I are very happy with the finished product. Today I will post before and after pictures of the 3rd bedroom on the ML and that will be our office and then I will post pictures of our new kitchen and we just LOVE.....thanks to my brother Greg!! I will start with the office:

  • New Paint

  • New Wood Blinds
  • New Floor Vents

  • New Outlets and Covers
  • New Light Fixture (not yet installed)

Next for the kitchen, WOW we did a lot in this room. We replaced all the flooring and added new ceramic tile. We came up with a design that we liked and then Greg made it all happen and we love the way it turned out. Then we decided to get more aggressive and add matching tile back splash, the tile that was up there was all right but why not do it right the first time as Jon would say. Here is what else we did:

  • New paint (holy crap this room was HARD to paint, THANKS for your help Kelsi)

  • New wood blinds (not yet up)

  • New ceiling fan

  • New outlets and covers

  • Since we put new flooring in we had to cut back all the old trim since the flooring raised a little.

  • We are in the process of deciding what to do about new appliances (defiantly need a new dishwasher)
  • New tile back splash


Amber said...

Holy crap your kitchen looks awesome! I can't bleive that it's the same kitchen!

Also, the former owners really must have been into decrative wall art? I'm not sure "art" is the right word for it though...

Amber said...

Yeah it was very strange decorating through the whole house. There was wall art in almost every room.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks really great! Thanks for the pictures...

Anonymous said...

I also really like the new blog background - it's really colorful.

Anonymous said...

looks great Amber & Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!and by the way ..... I got to wear jeans today to work !!!still smiling and still have them on .. all for a box of jello to take to work ......didn't even have to make it !


Jennifer said...

Wow, that looks great! If Jon and Greg are interested in some side projects in Minneapolis, just let us know!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!