Monday, October 8, 2007

Mom and Trevor

Well this weekend it was all about Trevor and I. Jon left early Friday morning to go antelope hunting in Faith SD and will return this evening. So the whole weekend Trevor and I founds lots of things to do. Friday night we met my parents, Cindy and Danny in Toronto for supper.

Saturday we went to my parents house for breakfast and then Trevor helped my mom clean windows. And then Saturday evening we went to Ivanhoe to see Grandma Diane and Grandpa Dennis. Diane showed Trevor something new that she had bought him for her was a BIG BOY bed!! Yeah, he was so excited and he will try it out next weekend because he is going to spend the weekend keeping her busy. Then we ate supper and went back home.

Sunday we went to Sioux Falls and did a little shopping and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Overall it was a great weekend just to bond with Trevor.


Jennifer said...

Trevor looks pretty handy with that Windex. He can come to my house any time!

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