Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trevor's Bedroom

Well the next room that we have finished is Trevor's bedroom. Between his room and the kitchen that is where the most work took place. Here is what we have done:

  • New paint...I do not think he would of liked pink

  • New wood blinds

  • New outlets and covers

  • New light fixture

  • New floor vents

  • The last owner painted the trim work around the windows and the window jam both pink so that was a job in itself to take all that out and replace with new stained trim to match the rest of the rooms. Good thing I have a husband who knows how to do all of these things, you did a great jon Jon!!

This room was very hard to take pictures of because the doorway sits at a weird angle. I also took a close up of the border we put up......can you believe it has big trucks on it??


Amber said...

The truck room is cute...but I saw nothing wrong with Trevor having a pink room! ;-)

Amber said...

Maybe Raena would of liked it? Trevor said "mommy, raena has a pink room too"

Anonymous said...

You have done such an amazing job with this house already - and you've only had it for a week!!

Anonymous said...

tell Trevor to move over - Marilyn is coming over!! it's so cute

Amber said...

I LOVE how Trevor LOVES Raena!
I'm serious....Corey and Jon could be related someday.
Now wouldn't that just be their DREAM COME TRUE?!?!

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