Thursday, October 4, 2007

Clerk of Courts

Well yesterday when I got home I opened up the mail and found a letter from the clerk of courts and sure enough it was a letter to me saying that I have to report for Jury Duty at 8:45am on Oct 10 at the Brookings Court House. My current term is from 10/1/07 through 12/31/2007.

When they ask me all the questions during my interview I am really going to fib and tell them the things that they do not want to hear so then they can say, "oh well I guess you can go". I bet it really does not happen that way. I can not believe this has happened to me!


Jennifer said...

AH! I just got one in the mail for jury duty in Jacksonville. I get out of it since I moved. See, it pays to stay on the go! ;)

Is this the trial of the kid who killed his dad? If they ask you if you could ever give the death penalty, just say no. You'll be out for sure.

Amber said...

I could also tell them I know the story and have seen the 2 boys before because I have....then I know I would get off. I really hope that it is not that big of a case. I wouldn't want to known as the jury who gave the kids both a life sentence.

Amber said...

Ok, how come people who don't want jury duty...get it. And people who want jury duty (that would be ME!) don't get it?!?!
It's so not fair!

Amber said...

Hey I will make sure that I tell them that you would more then gladly take my place!

Jennifer said...

The chances you'll be selected are probably slim. I know NYC is different from Brookings, but when I got a jury summons there I basically sat around for a few hours until they told us to go home. Bring a book to read!

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