Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well I have been with Aramark for 2.5 years now and we have great insurance. So I decided to get an annual eye check-up because I have never had one in my life. The eye doctor told me that I have better then 20/20 vision but since I am on the computer all the time the muscle in the back of my eye is working overtime and that could eventually be bad news some day. So to solve the problem he gave me a prescription for glasses only for when I am on the computer. I picked a pair out and they told me they would be in this Friday. Well I got a call today and they are in, I am wearing them right now and it is taking sometime to get used to but I think they will be alright.


Anonymous said...

Let's have a picture of you in your glasses!

Amber said...

Maybe? I will have to take a couple pictures first to see what I look like myself.

Jennifer said...

YES! I would like to see that. :)

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