Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Trevor Moment

Alright so yesterday when I picked Trevor up from daycare his daycare provider looked at me and just started laughing. I said what is so funny and she said "oh Trevor just had another one of his moments" I said what does that mean and this is how she replied:

Darlene was changing Carly's diaper (Carly is a little girl at daycare who is 1)

Trevor: Darlene where is Carly's wiener?
Darlene: What did you say?
Trevor: Where is Carly's wiener?
Darlene: Carly does not have a wiener she is a girl.
Trevor: Why not she has a butt like me?

Trevor you gotta love him because he is so curious.


Jennifer said...

HAHA! That is too funny.

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