Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The 5 Days of Christmas

Well we had a very exciting 5 days and I do not even know where to begin so here it goes.

Day 1: Friday
We traveled to Fargo on Friday afternoon to meet all the Healy's at a hotel to celebrate Jon's cousin's graduation from college. We were not even there for 2 hours and Trevor fell into one of the hot tubs (good thing auntie Jenny and uncle Jack are quick and were able to rescue the boy). That evening was spent with the family and friends playing cards, cranium, dice and all the kids swimming. It also turned into a very late evening.

Day 2: Saturday
Saturday we woke up and did some shopping before it was time to get together for the Healy Christmas. And then we all ventured to Hu Hot for a belly filling meal (very very yummy) Then at 3:00pm to all gathered in the party room to celebrate Christmas. Mikey surprised us all and made a video of a bunch of pictures from past to current times so we all watched that and then we opened gifts. The rest of the night was filled with cranium, cards, dice and more swimming!! And was once again a very late night.
Day 3: Sunday
We slept in and went swimming once again and packed up the car and headed back to Minnesota where we had Christmas with Jon's immediate family. We ate a great supper, opened lots of gifts and then watched the Vikings game and ended with a game of dice. And still managed to get into bed by 1am.

Day 4: Monday (Christmas Eve)
We woke up and waited for Diane's brother and Sister's families to arrive and enjoyed a great meal of kumla. Once again we opened more gifts and then we were out to door to have Christmas with my side of the family at my grandma and grandpa Pearson's house. All of my family arrived in time for a huge Christmas Eve meal and then......yep you guessed it opened more presents!! Trevor was getting pretty tired so we left around 8:30pm and put him to bed at my mom and dad's house. My parents came home and we watched movies and had too much to drink.

Day 5: Tuesday (Christmas Day)
We woke up to snow which was really nice but what we did not know is that the snow would change our plans.
Trevor was very excited to open MORE presents and to play with all his new things. Then my brother and Kelsi left to go to her side and we got ready to head down to Dell Rapids to my grandma's house. While we were getting ready my dad decided to clean the fish that he caught the day before and Trevor was all about watching. NOTE: the cutting board he is using to clean the fish is a Christmas present I gave him in 1997 which I made all by myself, I did an engraving on the back for him and my dad showed it to Trevor so that was special.
So anyways, we were off to Dell Rapids and got as far as Brookings and it was getting worse so we called my parents who were about 15 minutes ahead of us and they said it was awful and they were turning around and so we did the same. So since my mom was in charge of bringing meatballs and gravy they just came over to our house and I made the potatoes and vegetable and we had a great meal. They we all watched a movie (all of us fell asleep) and then they went back home. So overall it turned out to be a good day!!

I am going to post a few of my favorite pictures and then I will put the rest in a slide show. Enjoy!!

Showing off their new coats.

We did not even plan it but all of us ended up wearing brown on Christmas Day.

Relaxing in his beach chair with his new best friend.

I love this picture of the 3 of us except for Trevor is not even looking at the camera.

Watching grandpa clean fish.


Jennifer said...

Great recap! I didn't know that the weather interfered with your Christmas Day plans. Sounds like you still had a great day. Thanks for everything! Can't wait to see you again soon. I miss Trevor!

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!