Monday, December 10, 2007

Minneapolis & Clint Eastwood

Well this past weekend we traveled to Minneapolis to visit Jen and Chris to see there new home and also to do some Christmas shopping. We left on Friday evening and came home on Sunday so it was a nice trip but the driving got kind of long.

Friday night when we got there we just sat around, talked stupid and made a plan for Saturday. Jennifer had asked the boys to help haul in a mattress that was in the garage and it needed to go to the basement. So Jon, Dennis and Chris said no problem we will go and grab it. Jon and Dennis threw on there shoes and out to the garage they went. Well Chris on the other hand had to find his jacket, put on his ear warmers, put on his boats and by this time I was laughing so hard I said to Chris "by the time you get all your hoopla on that mattress is already going to be down in your basement." He had no response. I guess him and Jennifer and still used to there nice warm weather in Florida!

Saturday morning we got up ate breakfast and the girls headed to the mall for some serious shopping. We left the boys behind thinking they would make plans of there own but as the day went on they decided to just stay home. So when we got back from shopping Chris had made his famous ribs for us (they were very yummy). And then Jon and I gave Chris one of his Christmas presents early. It was the game "cranium" the reason we did this is so that we could play it that night and boy let me tell you it was tons of fun. Most of the pictures that I have are from the game and they just made me laugh so I had to post them. And then of course I had to post the video starring Clint Eastwood. While we were playing the game Dennis had to act out Clint Eastwood and Diane had to guess what he was doing, it was hilarious! On a side note Chris and I will never be partners at this game again, we did horrible!

Sunday we woke up and waited for some other friends and relatives to arrive to have brunch. Chad, Kristina and Sophia came over and also Jennifer's friend Melissa. It was nice to see them all again. Then it was time for us to head for home, we had a great time and can not wait to do it again. Thank you to Jennifer and Chris for all the great food and hospitality!!
The lefsa queen!

Showing off her 40 below boots she bought

Cranium partners (oh so cute)

All I can say is "uff-da"

I do not have a clue what she was trying to do

Father like son (look at Jon in pic above)

Little Sophia

I do not have a picture of everyone but I know that Jennifer and Diane took one will you please send it to me so I can post it.


Anonymous said...

What a great commentary! My Mom will love the pictures - she can't get the videos or slide shows but I don't think she has any trouble with the regular pictures.

Jennifer said...

Nice pictures!!! Thanks for visiting. Come again soon and bring Trevor next time!

Anonymous said...

laughing ,,,,,,,,, Dennis is a natural Clint! now i think we should have games in Fargo!! where's my yarn??? remember that game guys we played in Aberdeen ....

Amber said...

Jennifer could bring cranium!!

Jennifer said...

I will bring Cranium!

Marilyn - I remember the yarn game. And also a game with oranges????

Thanks for visiting Healy Happenings and come back soon!