Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

I am happy tonight for more then one reason!

Reason 1: I got home and in the mail were 3 very cute Christmas cards (The Sheik Family, The Goodale Family and The Johnson's) thank you to all of you, very cute cards!!

Reason 2: When I got home from the grocery store I received a call from the court house telling me that I do NOT have to report for jury duty because they have settled outside of court.

Reason 3: Tomorrow night is Jon's Christmas party for work and we could not find a babysitter until 9pm so grandma and grandpa Healy to the rescue!! (Don't worry Diane I stocked up on decaf coffe, splenda and soy creamer. I even got you your own little container to put it in so each and every time you visit you will know right where to go.) So thank you for helping us out!!

It has turned out to be a great night!!!!


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