Monday, December 31, 2007

Loader Ride

Well this weekend we finished our basement project (pics to come) we just have to do a few more odds and ends and we will take tomorrow and do that. This weekend concluded of finishing painting, put up our new trim and moving in. Jon's family came over and helped with the moving in part and we really want to thank them for that!! We got all the big stuff hauled in and a few small boxes. The rest will be put on a rummage sale come spring.

Then Sunday afternoon my brother came over with my dad's loader and cleaned off our driveway. The past week it has snowed here and there and it really adds up and when we drive on it all the snow gets packed down so Greg and Trevor cleaned all that up. Trevor rode with Greg the whole time and even drove some and most important rose the bucket up and down a thousand times!


Amber said...

Hmmm...I specifically remember writing in that manual: One person in the loader at a time!

Amber said...

Come on Amber you knew when you wrote that manual that some of the rules would be broken!

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