Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow & Movies

Well two words to sum up our weekend are snow (7 inches) and movies. Since we got our first storm of the season we took advantage and played outside and when we were not outside we were watching movies.

Saturday Trevor was hilarious he would say "look mommy it is knowing out" and then he would beg for hours to go outside. We wanted to wait until the worst was over otherwise it would be cold and miserable. So finally we just gave in and outside we went. He had a great time!!! He at first did not even know what to do he just stood there. Then he would run and fall down and laugh his heart out. We sort of have a small hill in our backyard and he thought that was the best ever because he would get a running start and then roll down the hill. I took lots of pictures so grandma Dottie should be proud.

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures - in that last one he looks like he's either frozen or so well-dressed that he can't bend!

Anonymous said...

at least the leaves are covered !!looks like Trevor likes it better than i do ! cute pictures

Jennifer said...

CUTE! Trevor is having so many fun experiences this year.

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