Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well most of you do not know too much about ARAMARK the company I work so here the low down. For the most part I get most weekends off but there are a few where I have to work to help with catering or concessions or HOBO DAYZ or even graduation (which is actually this weekend). Since I help out on those weekends my weekday schedule really varies and I can pick my hours which is nice because then I can leave early since I worked the weekend or stayed late on a certain night. So lately we have been really busy and with graduation this weekend things are going to be crazy! Finals week are next week so that means only a few more days to get through. So my boss being the nice guy that he is has given all the manger's 5 days off through our Christmas break and we do not have to use our vacation or PTO day. Basically 5 FREE days!!

With the holidays that I already get and my 5 FREE days I will get almost 2 whole weeks off...YEAH! I can not wait!! I told daycare that Trevor would also be gone those days and then she informed me she was taking a small family vacation also on those days so I sure lucked out. Then to complete my whole vacation story Jon called me yesterday and said that Waltz had called him yesterday and said that he had too much vacation time saved up and so he needs to use a week before the 1st of the year or he will loose it. So can you guess what week he will take off??? The same story goes for him as well with all the holidays he will also get almost 2 weeks off.....can you tell I am excited?


Anonymous said...

Wow, it will be almost like when you were in school with all that time off! What will you do with all that free time?

Amber said...

We are going to work on our house!! Our goal is it finish the basement so we can move furniture in and also to start on the laundry room project! Jon also wants to get some fishing in!

Jennifer said...

That's great!!

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