Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas #1

I am not even sure where to start so I will say this. Thank you to everyone for all the awesome holiday cards, Monday night when I got home I had 9 of them in my mailbox and last night I had 5, so yes yes please keep sending I love to read them!!

Second of all we had our first Christmas last night at home. Through out the next week we will attend 8 different Christmas's....yep that is right so last night we decided to get the ball rolling. We leave on Friday for Fargo and so we agreed to let Trevor open up his gifts from us last night since he will be so overwhelmed with everything and all the other gifts in the next few days. So I will post some pictures of everything that he got (yep grandma Mydland the pictures are for you) but I will also give you a list of the things he got.
  1. Portable DVD player for the car (he was like oh wow a TV but once we told him it was for the car he said alright mommy lets go to the car and watch TV)

  2. The mount to display the DVD player over the seat with headphones and the whole works

  3. A coloring book with trucks in it and also a Elmo coloring book (he loves to color and wanted too right when he opened them up but we made him keep going)

  4. Thomas the Train DVD (yep that went right into the DVD player and I have already seen it twice)

  5. An Elmo DVD
  6. Thomas the Train shoes that light up (yep he would of went to bed with these on if I would of let him but he wore them to daycare today to show everyone)

  7. New PJ's (he also wore these today to daycare)
  8. And last but not least and remote control pick-up (all I can say is oh my god, he loves this. I was really not sure when I bought it but holy smokes you should of seen this kid when he found out that the remote controlled what the car did, I will try to get it on video)

So here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!


Jennifer said...

oh how fun!! I can't wait to see him open more gifts.

dhealy said...

Those are great pictures - he is really at a good age for gifts! What did the two big people in the house get?

Amber said...

We bought ourselves a new computer from DELL. Kind of boring but we needed one and we got a great deal.

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