Thursday, December 27, 2007

What did I get into?

Well I guess I was feeling brave today because I started a huge project that I did not think would turn out to be very big, I hope that made sense. Yesterday (my first day off) I cleaned the whole house, did tons of laundry and got organized from all the Christmas hassle. So last night my mom called and said she would like to come over today and help me take down the wallpaper border in the family room downstairs. I surely could not turn down help and said "come on over".
We started the long day at 8:30am hard at work and within 45 minutes we were both swearing because I am telling you that wallpaper was on with super glue. My mom has taken down a lot of wallpaper in her time and she has never seen anything like this before. She said "you call someone in town and find a steamer because there is no other way this is coming down". So we got in the car and went to the Rental Depot and rented a steamer for $26 for a day and back home we went. It still took a very long time to get it all down (4.5 hours to be exact) and we were both ready to die when we got done!! This is the funniest quote of the day, we were almost done and my mom looks at me and said "it is a good thing we got that steamer because if not we would of killed each other by now", that cracked me up!!
So you think that would end the day, yeah right!! After ALL the wallpaper was down I cleaned everything up and decided to get more dirty. I called around town and found a great deal on base board for the whole LL and our old neighbor has a business staining and so I gave him a call and he is going to do it all tomorrow for me so we can put it up tomorrow night. So we just got back from Lowe's with a crap load of stuff, not to mention everything to finish the laundry room yep we are moving into high power now, look out!! Tomorrow my project is to paint the whole LL so Jon can put trim on tomorrow night and we should have things moved in by Sunday.
Here are a few pictures of before and after today and I will post more of the final project when we are done.

Notice how high that border is?? My arms feel like they are going to fall off!!

Trevor is always a good helper!!

You can still see where it was but they make a paint product to use to paint over that first before you apply the actual paint.


Jennifer said...

Wow! I'm so impressed by your ambition. I can't wait to see it when it's done!

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